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  • Q Shafts:

    • Use the high strengh and heavy special steel, to provide a powerful driving force for cutting.
  • Q Bearing And Seal:

    • The bearing seat adopts detachable combination, can quickly remove the rotary knife, fixed knife, bearings and other parts, easy to maintain and replace the blades.The special sealing structure can effectively prevent the contact between the broken material and grease, shred liquid products can also protect the bearings and gears.
  • Q Rotary knife/ Fixed knife:

    • Rotary knife uses special alloy steel, forging blank, precision machining, heat treatment and multiple freezing heat treatment technology, the toughness and hardness can be used repeatedly, to confirm cutting performance and service life. The fixed knife the patent hook type installation, optimizes the tool replacement function, and make the blade maintenance and replacement more efficient.
  • Q Shredder main body:

    • The machine uses high-quality steel welding to eliminate stress treatment, and overall machining, to confirm the machine's stability for a long time.





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