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OEM/ODM E Waste Shredder For E Waste Recycling

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How is E-Waste Recycling Done?

E-Waste recycling is a process that involves separating components from electronic devices and reusing them for different products. The first step involves manual sorting by material type to recover metals, plastics, and other materials. Once the e- waste is collected and moved to the recycling facilities, workers sort out the e-waste into categories according to the models and types. After that, all the electronic devices are examined to determine which parts can be safely reused and which need to be disposed of. The reusable components, such as metals, are then separated for further recycling.


The next step involves the remainder of the e-waste, which is then thrown into an electronic waste shredder machine and shredded into tiny pieces. The shredded pieces are then separated into categories according to size and weight. This procedure ensures that all the potentially hazardous materials in electronic devices that can damage the machine or harm the environment are removed before recycling.

Once the waste is shredded, it is shipped to the recycling plant, separating it into different categories such as plastic, glass, and metals. A giant magnet attracts the metallic materials, which are then melted down into blocks and sent on for further processing. The additional mechanical processing separates other metals and alloys via Eddy current.

The next step involves further separation of the waste using water. The lighter materials, such as plastics, float on the water's surface, whereas the heavier metals sink to the bottom. From here, it is mechanically sorted and placed into different categories according to weight and composition. The final products are then recycled into new products.


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