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Pharma Waste Shredder Machine - OuKe Shredding Solution

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What is Pharmaceutical Waste Shredder Machine?

Pharmal Waste Shredder Machine is used to reduce the size of pharmaceutical waste from hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, blood banks, physician's offices, collection centers, etc. Medicines and medical instruments wastes are the most commonly seen pharma waste, such as expired medicines, used pledgets, animal carcasses, infusion bottles, needles, tubes, etc. Medical instruments include toxic, corrosive, flammable, and explosive waste chemicals, such as waste chemical reagents, chemical disinfectants, mercury sphygmomanometers, mercury thermometers, thermometers, glass test tubes, etc. These wastes contain a large number of pathogenic bacteria or toxic substances.

Some Medical and Pharmaceutical Wastes

infusion bottle & tubeexpired medicinesused pledgetsdead ratswaste medical gloveswaste needles

There are generally 3 methods for pharmaceutical waste disposal:

  • disinfection and size reduction

  • in-situ incinerator

  • centralized landfill

Whichever method is adopted, the pharmaceutical waste should be shredded first. That way, the following physical and chemical disposal processes could be more effective as the pharma wastes are sized down. 

Pharma waste shredder machine is driven by motor-driven double knife rollers, the blades are shear-type knives, able to shred medical waste directly to the smallest size so that it can effectively facilitate medical waste decomposition. For landfill and incineration, shredding speeds up the process of pharmaceutical waste turning into harmless substances.

Pharmaceutical Waste Shredder From OuKe

We have various types of large two-shaft shredder machines and compact shredders for recycling medical and pharmaceutical wastes. Contact our experts to find the one that fits your needs.


Need Custom Solution?

We can provide you with a Customized Shredder Machine!

Custom Options

  • Cutting chamber 

  • Knife size

  • Knife quantity

  • reducer

  • motor

  • feed hopper

Send us your specific shredding requirements to us! Our experts will get back to you with free advise as soon as possible!



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