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OEM/ODM Furniture Waste Shredder Manufacturer & Supplier

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The United States Environmental Protection Agency estimated that around 9 million tons of furniture turn into waste every single year.

Furniture waste recycling can be tricky as furniture tends to be bulky and made from many different materials. According to EPA, textiles, glass, plastics and other materials are often found in furniture; ferrous metals are the second largest category in furniture while wood is the largest material category.

What is a furniture waste shredder?

Furniture Waste Shredder plays an important role in furniture waste recycling. Below is the picture of OKMI Dual Shaft Shredder. It is used to reduce the size of bulky furniture.


How does a furniture waste shredder work?

Let's watch a video to see how a furniture waste shredder works.

In this video, the dual shaft shredder is shredding a piece of sofa. Almost every family has at least one sofa. This sofa is usually made from wood, fabric, sponge, leather, etc. The dual shaft rotates at a low speed. The hooks on the edge of the shredding blades drag the materials into the middle of two shafts, and all the materials get shredded.

If you are in the market for a furniture waste shredder, OKMI low-speed double shaft shredder is suitable for you. Have questions about our dual shaft furniture waste shredder? Contact us now! We'll get back to you as soon as possible!



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