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OEM/ODM Dual Shaft Industrial Fabric Shredder Machine Manufacturer & Supplier

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The main source of textile waste is discarded clothing and footwear, taking up a large percentage of municipal solid waste.

Generally, a big part of clothing and footwear are produced with mom-renewable resources, for example, petroleum. However, in the context fast fashion, clothes and footwears are not used for a long period of time. Consumers tend to frequently purchase new clothes from the 1990s. Globally, around 56 million tonnes of clothing are bought each year, and this is expected to rise to 93 million tonnes by 2030 and 160 million tonnes by 2050. Basically, 84% of clothes and footwear are lost to landfill or incineration, which is quite shocking for many people.

According to the World Resources Institute, making one cotton shirt requires a water consumption of Textiles. And the decomposition of textiles in landfills takes more than 200 years.

Some bad-quality clothing will not be torn up so they can be utilized as industrial cleaning clothes and stuffing for mattresses or car seats.

OKMI Double Shaft Textile Waste Shredder Machine is an ideal piece of equipment to downsize large-size fabric.


OKMI Two Shaft Fabrice Shredder Features

  • High precision

  • High level of wear resistance

  • High work efficiency

  • High-temperature resistance

  • High hardness blades

OKMI is a professional manufacturer & supplier of multifunctional double shaft shredders. We take pride in offering our clients comprehensive tailor-made shredding solutions.

We use high-quality materials to make our twin-shaft shredders that will last longer and be more competitive in the market. If you are looking for a double-shaft textile shredder manufacturer or supplier, contact us now!

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