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Custom Small Double Shaft Toy Waste Shredder Manufacturer & Supplier In China - OuKe

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Toys turn into waste when they got broken, faded, distorted, and dirty or replaced by new toys. 90 percent of the toys are made of plastic, others are made of fabric, paper, metal, wood, rubber or clay. Hence, toy waste shredder machines should be able to deal with these materials.

OuKe Small Dual Shaft Toy Waste Shredder is an ideal equipment to do the shredding work.

toy waste shreddingtoy waste shredding 1toy waste shredding 2

If the toys you're going to shred are not in very big volume, this OK-400 small double shaft toy waste shredder is perfect for you.


Cutting Chamber

Knife Size

Knife Quantity

Knife Material

Shaft Diameter

400*330mm Φ160*10mm 40pcs 9CrSi Φ50mm

Shaft Material

Motor (Power)




45#Steel 4kw kaf87 20-30rpm PLC (auto reverse)

If this small twin-shaft toy shredder machine is not perfect for your application, just tell us your specific information about the toys you deal with including the size and materials. OKMI dual shaft shredder experts will get back to you with the best shredding solution! 

Or if you want a customized toy waste shredder, you are lucky to find OuKe. As we provide superior custom service!





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